Prof. Rushwan’s Proven Strategy to Stabilize Market Prices

Imagine a a company that sells the same product with updates and improvment every year for the same price for decades!?
Think it’s impassible? Think Again.
Established in 1986, registered on the net 1996m declared as the World First Technology Bank
Check the net archive for your self, this company DID NOT CHANGE PRICE FOR 30 YEARS!

Prof. Rushwan the acomplished inventor and The International Technology Abnk CEO, say:
“Our first priority in the Technology Bank -, is to offer innovative solutions in a fixed price and not taking advantage on People, we did not change price then for 30 years”
United Platforms of International Technology Bank -
The inventors of Personal Technology Revolution

The International Technology Bank from is the Leader in Technology propagation for the Personal Proteks use.

Prof. Rushwan Strategy is set for the principle of owning the technology as individuals and stop being owned by others just because of their type of technology. feature tens of different technology platforms: Automotive, Nano Technology, Phytos and Natural remedies far developed and surpass many others, Hovercraft for rescues, and the new ant-radiation platform to be ready before the Day-After with specially developed wild Ginseng Phytos with over 20 years shelf life, an amazing new technology from

RushStar Corporation, the founders of the International Technology Bank through provides many other platforms for Autism programs with the new patent pending invention the TV white Board. provide consulting for the new technical projects to support new projects around the world.

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How we work,

Almost in every field you'll find a RushStar Innovation, small but with a very effective benefits and a great appreciation

Starting from the electric-free charging of Submarine Batteries, hopefully electric cars is next, and through the magnetic oil filters for automotive to the wild trigging of wilderness in Ginseng, to the Air-Air friction- free in Hovercrafts, we are always there for You.

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The deference between any simple $1.99 1 liter engine oil and any elegant $29.99 Engine treatment is an R.S.Proteks

The deference between any humble 99 cents fuel antifreeze and any superior $19.99 fuel booster is an R.S.Proteks

The same between cheap rice sake and expensive anti-cut gloves, they both are from polyethylene, the deference is R.S.Proteks, Also between humble pottery workshop and impressive Piezo electric cells lab. is simply an R.S.Proteks

You'll also get surprised to know that socks knitting operation been converted to Marine sails factory using the same machines and R.S.Proteks

The list of R.S.Protechs success can go on forever, R.S.Proteks is the "RushStar Procedure of Technology", from automotive to Textiles and from Healthcare to Emergency shelters. RushStar customizes new R.S.Proteks specially for your requirements and industry

RushStar White paper - Research and development - New Technology & Products Consulting and sub-contracting

Essential Strategies for Technopreneurs

A must have self educational course to start a business!

"A Survival kit for every Technology Related Business"

What to buy here?: Seven major strategies to get you from being just one with an Idea to a successful Technopreneurs running a sharp lucrative Business

7 Major courses in one package


over 3 decades Dr. Rushwan accomplished many successful projects from Engine treatment to Hovercrafts and from Wild Ginseng forests to the Famous Niagara anti ED

one of the most successful automotive treatment suppliers, in retail and in Bulk

RushStar Invented the first engine treatment in Canada and the first 2 cycle engine treatment, we are the genuine

You'll learn in these self educational business courses How to start with zero budget and success, how Dr. Rushwan invented his first engine treatment from home with no budget and got a better letter from Canadian tire and a his first $60.000,00 dollars first order from Wal-Mart learn the logic secret of zero budget - big sales equation that works every time

for the third decade RushStar Automotive still in business from the RushStar Technology bank, and happy to supply you with all the bulk engine treatments, fuel system treatments, Octane surge 115, Engine flush, and all bulk hi end formulas to start your own automotive business, get the amalgamated courses now


International ®

Hovercollege was the first in the world to invent the Teflon Skirt for Hovercraft, this amazing patent invention from Dr. Rushwan made the Hovercollege a reference in the hovercraft business

looking at the needs was the key secret, how to do this is explained in the Strategies Course in detailes

Why the Teflon Skirt was the right entrance to the Hovercraft industry?, learn more


The Private Wild Ginseng Forests ®

Dr. Rushwan Succeeded in returning the Ginseng to the forest again and trigging it wild in less than 7 years

Using the ever developed Strategies courses, you can start the same project but with easier and more smoother path, learn how

How Dr. Rushwan invented the fall safe strategy in such dangerous investment and expensive start, and how he survived it with multi million dollars investment

learn how to manage a long term investment by initiating a short term annual margin, beginning from the leaves, stems, fruits, roots and even medical perfume

Niagara ®

The Private Wild Ginseng Forests ® didn't stop at just harvesting the wild ginseng components, Dr. Rushwan stated the strategies of how to multiply the margin by Extracting the wild ginseng not into third generation regular extracts but into the seventh generation Phytos

To have the forest, then the Extract, then the final capsule. this is what we call fall safe strategies, simply you have it all, let's show you how ®

Welcome to the Nano Medicine

Dr. Rushwan Starts the first Natural Nano treatment Mechanizm in a cream and a capsule. How to do this is a part of these detailed courses, do yourself a favor and seehow to start right like a 3 decades experienced professional

How to obtain a whole technology line from the internet and offer your people the best of the line for a decade to come!

R.S.Proteks Technology bank ®

The International technology bank used the same strategies to offer the best consulting for ProTeks Projects

The Business opportunities

How to offer through our strategies the Proteks you obtained and applied for final products for business Opportunities

"رشوان.كوم هو الموقع الرسمي لإتحاد منصات بنك التقنيات الدولي المسجل رسمياً بكل من كندا - تركيا - عمان و قريباً العديد من الدول العربية و الإسلامية بإذن الله تعالى
بنك التقنيات كيان استشاري دولي متعدد القارات يهدف إلى توطين تقنيات إسلامية تبدأ دائماً من الخامات الأولية الحلال و الطاهرة و الأخلاقية, تقديم منتجات و خدمات تمثل أعلى مستوى بهذه التقنيات لتعميم فائدة الأمة
الموقع مسجل رسمياً باسم بنك التقنيات الدولي بجانب عشر منصات أخرى لتقنيات مختلفة, لا تتعامل إلا من خلال الموقع الرسمي"