Creates new EXTENT in treatment of HOPLESS CASES!!!

I am so happy to introduce our drug that is specially formulated for pets (Pet Power)

Resins – the active ingredients of Pet Power- are Natural exudates of trees and plants. There are a number of different classes of resin, depending on exact chemical composition and potential uses, from which we select The Pet Power formula to be the most effective drug against the most fatal infections.

Vitamin E: antioxidant and immunostimulant.

Pet Power formula is tested and approved to be the only trusted and effective drug with no any side effects, just avoid use in pregnancy.

Pet Power is tested and approved to have the most powerful and the quickest effects…

Pet Power is the only treatment for fatal viral and bacterial diseases of dogs and cats…

Will be your mind and hands and your first choice...

See the enclosed leaflet …

For more information please contact
vet. Rania Khamiss
Product Specialist